I’ve always been a traveller – sometimes with family, sometimes in small groups such as trekking, but mostly on my own. I plan my flights and accommodation meticulously but activities on the ground are completely unstructured. I wander through the streets and suburbs, observing peoples everyday culture and looking out for local delicacies and street food. I sit down to meals with strangers at shared tables, I chat to people on trains and make friends with stall holders I visit regularly. And I write.

Writing about my travels is my way of sharing the journey with family and friends. I get to do exactly as I want on holidays without fitting in to others’ timeframes, but I still get to enjoy the experience with armchair (or kitchen table) travellers back home. What started as postcards and emails to my aging parents turned into facebook posts and now this blog.

Many people ask me why many of my trips are to Asian cities. I live in the desert of Central Australia, in the small town of Alice Springs so for me these places are the direct opposite and a complete change from the routine of home.

I hope you get some enjoyment from my explorations too.