My Ultimate Thai street food experience

My ultimate Thai moment. This is why I paid $1500 to get here – for $1.50 experience. This trolley was abandoned in the street but I was curious. I woke up a chap sitting on a bench nearby, who luckily was the owner, so I could see what was under the little ceramic bowls and buy some.
Steamed sticky rice base with sweet (yellow) and salt (white) coconut custard on top. They didn’t last till the end of the street.
So now to pack my bag and check out, and maybe do a final post from the airport this arvo.


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  1. In Asia street food would be considered a necessity. For Thailand, the combination is somewhat unique with a melange of Khmer, Chinese and Myanmese influence. Sweet, spicy, savory you name it, the mix is all in there. Best of all, it’s really cheap!

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